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MPPM  Šternberk  is  a  manufacturing  business  company. The  company  has  been  well - established  in an engineering  market  for  twenty-five years. We  focus  on  mechanical  production, basically all  stages  of those processes. Our first intention is to always keep high quality and deadlines.

We customize our possibbilites to domestic and foreign customers and satisfy their needs.

We  can  offer  company  experience  and  services  consisting of many kinds of different productive processes, sales and business activities - see below:

  • Design and processing of drawing documentation by software AutoDesk – Inventor, AutoCAD
  • Design and processing of technological documentation
  • Development and production of prototypes
  • Complete deliveries of engineering units
  • Supplies of segments and parts according to a customer documentation
  • Supplies of parts for technological equipments and machines – gear wheels, shafts coupling, castellated spindles, barkes and links
  • Supplies of parts for a petrochemical industry 
  • Supplies for aluminium industry
  • Supplies for extractive industry
  • Landing of materials, semiproducts, delivery of forgings and castings including machinery and heat treatment
  • Complete productions process including welding, tooling, heat treatment, surface treatment, assembly works and retain subdeliveries
  • Sales of various brake linings for a long distance belt conveyor systems, wheels excavators and bridge cranes
  • Special customized requirements and needs


MPPM s.r.o.
Olomoucká 2372/191
785 01 Šternberk
Czech Republic

Tel./Fax: +420 587 807 239
Tel./Fax: +420 587 807 143

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