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MPPM  s.r.o.  is a  manufacturing  business  company  based in Šternberk. It was founded in 1993 with the initial aim of implementing specific requirements  of engineering  companies, no matter whether  they are located in the Czech Republic or abroad. The Company is focused on delivering  of engineering parts, units and spare parts for extractive industry.

During  the  whole  company  history  we  are able to supply  with  the engineering units  and  parts our customer whose cores activities  are  situated  in different fields of industry. For example  extractive  industry, construction   industry steel industry, petrochemical industry, aluminum industry and also car industry. The sphere of  activity of  MPPM s. r. o.  is  not  restricted  to  the Czech Republic  but  also  cooperates  very  well with a number business partnes in the European Union, Norway and Russia.

From  2000  to  2009  the company was  very successful and dealt with the Czech Army due to the development, production of  chain  trucks  with  rubber  segments. Those trucks  are commonly used for vehicles GM and KUB in the Czech Army and other Central European Armies as well.

Since  2006  the  company  MPPM  s.r.o. has established a good relationship and  has cooperated very well with Storvik AS. This  Norwegian  company  is  a  worldwide  producer  of  technological  facilities  and equipment  for companies where the  material  aluminimum  is  the  necessary  part  of  their  products.  It´s obvious  that for the company  Storvik  our  well - qualified staff and other subcontractors provide complete design of assemly line  for cathode  tank  production. As a  part  of  that  project  was   fully  prepared  design and  technical documentation  including  assistance  in  technological processes, staff  training  and  technical support. That  big  project fulfield expectation one of the largest companies in the world RUSAL.The key result of that can be found in  the Russian town of Krasnojarsk.

Currently  company  MPPM  is  more  focused  on  expansion  of  supplier - customer  range  in  European Union context. In  that  way  we provide  and make our orders  to Germany, Austria, Italy and moreover the Netherlands and Sweden.

Our  experienced  engineers  and  well-qualified  staff  allow  us  to  offer  a wide  range  of activities for domestic customers and foreign clients. Based on MPPM track record we can guarantee high quality and reliability.

Quality policy - main targets

  • Satisfy customer
  • Professional and well-educated staff
  • Maintain and well-built business relationships
  • Best impression and concentration on every details
  • Long-term prospect and establishment on European and world business market

We provide customers  needs  and our activities with respect to the nature. Our  management  system optimize an approach  to the environment. The  environment protection is a part of a company policy and was implemented to company´ relulations and guidelines.

The result of maintaining the quality management sytem is the certificate  EN ISO 9001:2015


MPPM s.r.o.
Olomoucká 2372/191
785 01 Šternberk
Czech Republic

Tel./Fax: +420 587 807 239
Tel./Fax: +420 587 807 143

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